No sew tie fleece blanket kits are very versatile. Easy to make and so wonderful to give.

Why making no-sew tie fleece blankets are so popular

Making a no-sew fleece blanket is a craft suitable for any one from 6 to 106.  All you need is one of our fleece blanket kits and a pair of scissors.  Simply cut fringe and tie.  That's it!  Fleece kits are inexpensive when compared to other crafts.  Who wouldn't want a hand crafted blanket made with love?  Whether you're making them for gifts, to donate to a charity such as Project Linus or Soldier's Angels or as a fundraising activity for your school or organization, our kits are easy to make!

-The craft that doesn't take days but looks like it did! 
 See how easy it is to make a no-sew tie blanket.
Watch our 1 minute "how-to" video on you tube